SISBELA Instantaneous Bag and Circulator Reducer 10ml

6,95 €


For all skin types It is a gel that combines mineral-based ingredients with a powerful hexapeptide, ARGIRELINE® peptide, getting an immediate tensor effect on the lower eyelid skin while a visible and instantaneous reduction of dark circles, eye bags and an improvement of the appearance of expression wrinkles. * Use and effectiveness test carried out under dermatological control. Studies carried out by the Zurko Research Research Center. Application: 1. Clean and dry the face well. 2. Apply a small amount equivalent to a grain of rice on the index finger. 3. Extend the product with light touches on the area of the lower eyelid of the eye and expression wrinkles. 4. Let dry, without gesturing, for 2-3 minutes. Remember to close the vial immediately after use! Presentation: 1 box - 5uds of 2ml

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