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ALMENDRINA is a highly nutritious product whose main ingredient is the almond, a nut with recognized positive health effects and which forms a part of the Mediterranean diet. Both our cream and our almond milk contain a multitude of beneficial properties for the human body. INSTRUCTIONS & USE: The most common use of ALMENDRINA is in the preparation of almond milk. To prepare, you only have to mix one or two soupspoons of ALMENDRINA with ten tablespoons of hot or cold water. If you use cold water, you’ll get a very pleasant refreshing drink that is also nutritious. You can also add coffee, tea, malt,instant coffees or coffee substitutes. Because of its creamy texture, it can also be used straight from the jar like a jam, or in baking recipes: for cakes, ice creams, puddings, custards, and so on. Gluten free.

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